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Consumer insights at your fingertips!
Use HiveSight to discover new facts about consumers.
We've constructed over 40 million consumer profiles based on social media and put them at your fingertips.
It's the fastest, easiest and most affordable way to explore consumer markets and discover new insights.
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Quick Tour
Quick Tour

Some of our unique benefits

  • Huge consumer panels - Over 40 million consumer profiles and growing.
  • Instantly available results vs. several weeks/months via traditional methods of market research.
  • Reduced costs - all information is gathered electronically vs. cost of human labor to conduct research.
  • Passive research method eliminates errors inherent in traditional methods such as "guiding questions" - HiveSight also lets you ask unique questions not typically used in surveys.
  • Subscription-based web site is risk-free and requires no software installation.
  • Subscribers have access to HiveSight's online database, and receive e-mail notification of emerging trends tailored to their specific interests.

Sample Consumer Panels

  Market Segment:
Gen X Female Gamers
Define a panel of women, aged 24-44 who talk about any video game title
  Market Segment:
Hispanic Fashionistas
Define a panel of Hispanic women who talk about any fashion brand or style
  Market Segment:
Headbangers with Children
Define a panel of consumers with children who talk about any Heavy Metal band
  Market Segment:
Michigan Import Drivers
Define a panel of Michigan residents who talk about Hondas, Nissans or Toyotas

Sample Comparisons

Gen X vs. Gen Y
Compare two panels:
  1. Consumers aged 25-44 who talk about any video game title
  2. Consumers aged 14-24 who talk about any video game title
Domestic vs. Japanese vs. German
Compare three panels:
  1. Consumers who talk about Chevys, Fords or Chryslers
  2. Consumers who talk about Hondas, Toyotas or Nissans
  3. Consumers who talk about Beemers, Benzes or VWs
Battlestar Galactica vs. Gossip Girl
Compare two panels:
  1. Consumers who talk about Battlestar Galactica
  2. Consumers who talk about Gossip Girl
Campers vs. Fishers
Compare two panels:
  1. Consumers who talk about camping
  2. Consumers who talk about fishing

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